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NXT star gets trolled by their own daughter

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NXT star gets trolled by their own daughter

If you follow NXT Star Lacey Evans on social media then you probably know her daughter Summer is pretty hilarious. But this really sets a high bar to follow.

Evans, a former member of the Marine Corps Special Reaction Team and current NXT Star was riding in the car with Summer when she asked her, “when is your mother going to be the NXT Women’s Champion?”

Honestly, even if Lacey Evans doesn’t pick up with NXT Women’s Title while at the Performance Center it could still turn out well for her. After all, Alexa Bliss never won the title in WWE’s developmental territory and she’s done pretty well for herself on the main roster.

But kids can often have no filter so Summer’s response was, “never” and her mother’s reaction was priceless. It was such a great moment that Evans had to post it anyway with a comment included saying her daughter isn’t getting anything for Christmas this year. That’s a pretty bold statement to make in March, but it was also a pretty sick burn.

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