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NXT star pulled from WWE roster, likely done with the company



Back in September, it was reported by Squared Circle Sirens that Kacy Cantanzaro had finished up with WWE because of a back injury.

Catanzaro has not commented on the report but her boyfriend Ricochet claimed in an interview that she was not injured and still with the company.

Ricochet was telling the truth about her still being with the company because although there were rumors that she was done, she had not given her release yet. The word going around NXT was that there was smoke to the story about her leaving.

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WWE has yet to confirm the news but it's worth noting that her profile on has been pulled, which is usually a sign that a talent has left the company.

Catanzaro was signed after she gained fame on NBC's American Ninja Warrior. She was in the 2018 Mae Young Classic, appeared in the 2019 women's Royal Rumble match and wrestled on some NXT TV and live events. She has been given tons of praise for her amazing ability to perform moves that most of the roster could not do and the feeling on her was that she would become a huge star on the main roster.

Again, there is no official word that she is done with the company but all signs point to her being gone.

If she is indeed finished, then her last appearance at a WWE event was at the blue carpet for Friday Night SmackDown's debut on FOX.