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NXT star saves a woman in an overturned SUV

WWE NXT star Solomon Crow was at the right place and right time yesterday. Crowed helped a woman that was involved in a car accident yesterday in Orlando. Apparently the car was overturned when he saw what happened and did a full sprint towards the car knowing that the car could catch fire. Crowe and another person pulled the woman out of the car and probably saved her life. The air bags were deployed so they had trouble seeing inside the SUV when they went to go save the woman.

Crowe tweeted the following:

“I didn’t even think,” Crowe told, who has received first aid training previously. “When I saw it, I was wearing sandals, and I just took off in a full sprint toward the car. I knew especially if a car’s upside down like that, it can catch fire very easily, and whoever was in it, we wanted to get them out.”

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