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NXT star still has backstage heat, reportedly on thin ice in WWE

We heard from one wrestler that said that there are still people in WWE that there is still heat on Lio Rush after his joke about Emma on the day she was released by the company. The heat also has to do with him coming off cocky and full of himself, despite only being in the company for a couple of months.

It should be noted that he has not been used at any of the live events since the tweet. In fact, the last show he worked on was on 10/28 in a match against Chad Lail (formerly Gunner from TNA). His tweet about Emma was one day later on 10/29.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported this week that there are people in the company that see Rush as a legit superstar when he moves up to the main roster but there is a lot of heat on him with the tweet being the catalyst and he’s been on thin ice ever since.

Rush already had some heat on him prior to signing with WWE. There were fans and people in the business that criticized him for no-selling a powerbomb spot off a ladder at a CZW show in August.

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