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NXT star turns heel at Thursday's tapings, is he getting a makeover?



The smiling babyface Andrade “Cien” Almas has been underwhelming so far since debuting in WWE NXT this year but it looks like he is about to get a makeover. Almas (as you can see below) is teasing that he might put his mask back on.

Also, at Thursday’s NXT tapings, Cedric Alexander defeated Andrade “Cien” Almas in a match that is likely to air on next week’s TV show on the WWE Network. During the “week 3” tapings, Almas teamed with Cedric Alexander to face The Revival but he turned on his partner after losing the match so it looks like we are getting a future Almas vs. Alexander match, possibly at NXT Takeover in Toronto.

The heel turn might be exactly what Almas needs because he wasn’t going anywhere with the suspenders and nice guy routine. Although he lost his mask last year in CMLL prior to joining WWE, it’s not unprecedented for a wrestler to put his mask back on. Rey Mysterio lost his mask in WCW but wrestled with the mask throughout his entire WWE run.

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