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NXT Takeover: Brooklyn results – excellent show, the women steal the show

NXT Takeover: Brooklyn
August 22, 2015
Brooklyn, NY

We are live with NXT Takeover: Brooklyn coverage. Please refresh this page for updated results throughout the show.

Triple H came out and introduced Brooklyn to NXT.

Tyler Breeze vs. Jushin “Thunder” Liger

The ring apron is black and the ropes are white. The set is the same set that they use in Orlando and it looks great. The show really feels different from a traditional WWE show. The fans gave Liger a great ovation. Liger got early offense in with a modified surfboard stretch. Liger then locked in a Romero special. Liger charges into the ring and hits a monkey flip and then taunts Breeze by posing in front of the selfie stick. Liger hits Breeze with chops. Breeze rakes the eyes and attempts to rip the mask. Supermodel kick by Breeze and a near fall. Breeze hit a modified backstabber at one point and got  a near fall. Fans started a “Full Sail sucks” chant. Liger fought back and picked up Breeze and dropped him face first on the mat. Breeze charges but Liger moves out of the way and then hits Breeze with a rolling kick in the corner. He follows up with a tilta-whirl and then dives off the top for a splash but Breeze gets the knees up. Breeze tried for a cover but Liger kicked out at two. Breeze gets more aggressive and nails Liger with kicks and punches in the corner. The ref warns Breeze and Liger uses the time to clothesline Breeze. Breeze escapes to ringside. Liger hits a rolling dive off the apron on to Breeze…back in the ring now. Liger hits the Liger Bomb and gets the win.

Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and X-Pac are shown in the crowd at ringside.

Promo video for new women’s wrestler Nia Jax.

Before the next match starts, Alexa says that The Vaudevillains couldn’t get anyone to help them. Blue Pants then comes out to even the odds at ringside.

NXT Tag Team Championship
The Vaudevillains vs. Blake and Murphy

Fans love Blue Pants. They start a “Blue Pants” city chant. Blake and Simon Gotch start the match. Gotch locked in an armbar within seconds into the match but Blake was able to get out of a pin attempt. Gotch hit a snapmare and then tagged in Aiden English. English hits a boot to the face and goes for a pin attempt. Blake kicks out. English locks in an armbar. Murphy tagged in and English was able to fight off a double team attempt. English goes back to the armbar. Blake trips up English on the ring apron and that allows Blake to tag in and take control of the match. Blake and Murphy continued on offense for several minutes. There was a nice looking Diamond Cutter looking neckbreaker with both men tossing English up in the air and English landing back first as they hit the “Cutter” part of the move. English fought back and tried for a hot tag but Black grabbed the leg. English fought him off and tagged in Gotch. Gotch cleans house with kicks and a back kick on Blake. Gotch hits running forerams into the corner on both men. English tags in but Murphy nails English with a low blow. Murphy sets up for a suplex off the top. Blake joins him but Gotch gets underneath and tosses both men off the top. English hits the high angle senton off the top, very close to a near fall there. Bliss tries to interfere and Blue Pants chases her into the ring. Both women fight and roll out of the ring. Murphy tried for a rollup on Gotch, 2 count. Very fast paced. Vaudevillians get the pin after an uppercut and rolling neckbreaker type of move (Whirling Dervish). NEW CHAMPIONS!!

They showed Finn Balor and Neville arriving earlier. They joined up with Cesaro. Music producer Rick Rubin was shown at ringside.

Tye Dillinger vs. Apollo Crews

Crews got the early advantage in the match. There was some showmanship early on with Crews mocking Dillinger’s “10, 10, 10” hand gestures. Dillinger took over on offense when he dropkicked Crews, who was on the apron. Dillinger locked in a sleeper hold. Dillinger connects with a kick to the face and goes for a cover. Crews kicks out so Dillinger tries immediately for another pin. Dillinger hits punches on Crews’ face. Crews shoves Dillinger off and hits a standing enzigure. Crews hits some punches and then a power clothesline, followed by a splash in the corner and a running clothesline. Gorilla press and standing moonstault..Crews gets the win. The match was about 4 minutes. Nice showcase for Crews.

Backstage, William Regal announced the “Dusty Rhodes tag team Classic.” It starts on the September 2nd episode of NXT. Finals will be on NXT Takeover in October.

The Tough Enough finalists are shown at ringside.

Samoa Joe vs. Baron Corbin

They lock up and Joe immediately tries for a submission. Joe also tried for the Kokita Clutch but Corbin escaped to ringside to regroup. Back in the ring Joe hits a kick to the head and dropkick that knocks Corbin out of the ring. Joe charges and goes for a dive through the ropes but Corbin hits a right hand and stops Joe in his tracks. Corbin is on offense now with clotheslines in the corner of the ring. Corbin goes for a pin but Joe kicks out at one. Joe is able to reverse things and locks in a half crab and then a crossface. Corbin almost makes it to the bottom rope but Joe grabs the arm and bends it so Corbin gets his leg on the bottom rope. Corbin yanks Joe and dumps him out of the ring as a desperation move. Corbin was going for a dive or something but Joe chopped Corbin’s leg from under him and tossed him into the barricade. Back in the ring Corbin surprises Joe with a heel hook. Joe tries to pull himself to the bottom rope and makes it so the ref breaks the hold. Corbin takes extra long to break it. Corbin hits a sidewinder slam, near fall. Joe gets back up, Corbin rushes, Joe sidesteps and hits a kick to the head. Both men are down now. Joe hits a flurry of punches but Corbin fighs back. Joe hits a barrage of elbows to the face. Corbin comes back with forearms. Joe hits back with slaps to the face. Corbin punches and Joe hits a spinning backfist. Joe sets up Corbin for a muscle buster but Corbin fights him off. Corbin hits a boot to the face. Corbin hits a front suplex…2 count. They are working hard but fans don’t seem overly into this match. Corbin hits a bunch of stomps in the corner. The ref warns him. Corbin hits punches in the corner as Joe’s face is on the bottom rope. Corbin shoves Joe into the rope and tries for End of Days but Joe tries for the Kokita Clutch. Corbin fights him off and hits the double arm chokeslam. Corbin tries for the pin but Joe turns it into the Kokita Clutch. Fans into the match now. Corbin passes out and the ref calls for the bell. Samoa Joe gets the win via submission.

Japanese women’s wrestler Kanna, Ric Flair, Sgt Slaughter are at ringside. Team B.A.D. is there too.

Stephanie McMahon comes out. She says that there are 15,589 fans in attendance. She said that the Diva Revolution started in NXT. She said that it’s her honor to present tongiht’s first main event for the NXT Women’s Championship.

NXT Women’s Championship
Sasha Banks vs. Bayley

You should really see this show. Both women got main event entrances. This is the first main event of the night. Sasha starts trash talking so Bayley spears her and they roll around in the ring. Bayley went for a quick cover after a short flurry of offense. Sasha took over momentarily but Bayley rams Sasha’s head into the corner and sets Sasha upside down hanging from the corner. Bayley hits a springboard elbow drop on Sasha in the corner. Bayley armdragged Sasha but Sasha rolls out of the ring. Bayley goes after her at ringside and hits a dropkick underneath the bottom rope and her legs come out to the other side to hit Sasha in the face. Sasha quickly gets control of the match and goes for the double knee in the corner but Bayley moves. Sasha pulls Bayley up to the top rope with her. Sasha kicks Bayley in the knee and Bayley falls to the outside of the ring. Bayley gets back in the ring and Sasha attacks. Sasha runs the ropes and hits an elbow to the back and then slaps Bayley in the face and goes for a pin. Bayley kicks out at two. Sasha hits kicks to the back of Bayley. Sasha continues to control the match by tying Bayley’s arms into a straight jacked hold while she drives the knee in Bayley’s back. Both women trade punches in the corner. Sasha sets up Bayley on the second rope and hits her with punches. Sasha then sets up Bayley on the top rope. Sasha climbs up and hits the double knee on Bayley. Pin attempt..kick out by Bayley. Sasha trash talks Bayley but Bayley kicks her in the face. Sasha quickly takes control of the match and locks an armbar on Bayley outside of the ring as fans chant “this is wrestling.” Sasha takes off Bayley’s hand cast that protects her injured hand and tosses Bayley to the outside again. Sasha puts Bayley’s hand in between the steps and ring and kicks the steps. Saxton says Bayley’s hand my be broken. Sasha does a dive…over the referee onto Bayley on the outside as fans chant “holy shit.” Sasha slaps Bayley in the face and then grabs the arm while pulling Bayley with her but Bayley shoved Sasha off as Sasha jumped on the top rope so Sasha is out at ringside and Bayley is catching her breath in the ring. Sasha gets back in the ring before the ref can count her out. Now they are trading punches…blow for blow. Bayley hits a double axehandle smash twice. Bayley charges and spears Sasha in the corner and then hits another back splash. T-bone suplex by Bayley. Bayley goes Bayley to Belly but Sasha blocks it. Bayley gets a roll up but then turns it into another suplex attempt but Sasha plants Bayley’s face into the mat and locks in the Banks Statement submission. Bayley crawls to the bottom rope but Sasha blocks her arm and stomps her hand. Bayley grabbed the rope for a split second but Sasha pulled her back in. Bayley reverses into the crossface. Sasha gets her let on the rope. WOW!!!! I can’t do justice to how great this match is. Bayley hits the Bayley to Belly…1-2… Sasha kicks out! Fans chanting “this is awesome!” Yes, it is. Sasha is out of it so Bayley has to pick her up and set her up on the top rope. Sasha fights back with punches as Bayley goes for the Bayley to Belly on the top rope. Bayley is back and hits her with a running forearm. Bayley sets up Sasha and goes for a frankensteiner but Bayley missed and landed on her head. It was a nasty fall. I hope she’s alright. Sasha hits the double knee off the top. Pin attempt. 2 count. Bayley looks out of it as Sasha sets Bayley up on the top rope. Bayley hits back elbows and shoves Sasha off but Sasha gets back up with Bayley. Bayley with elbows to the back of the head. Bayley hit a backwards frankensteiner. WOW!!!! Bayley to Belly. Bayley is the new champion!!!! A website recap can never do this match justice. You really should watch it if you haven’t. Charlotte and Becky Lynch came out to hug Bayley. Sasha also gave her a hug as they held up the Four Horsewomen hand gesture.

NXT Championship – Ladder Match
Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens

Balor comes off like a mega star with his entrance. The referee hangs the belt and then it gets pulled up high above the ring. Owens trash talks and shoves Balor to start the match but Balor attacks with forerams. Owens hits a knee to the stomach but Balor hits a nice dropkick. It’s 11pm so this is clearly going longer than the typical 2 hours for a NXT Takeover show. Balor hits the ropes but Owens hits a back elbow and a senton. Owens drapes Balor over the rope and then grabs Balor by the head and goes for a powerbomb but Balor blocks it and hits a double stomp to the gut on Owens. Owens quickly regains control and hits a cannonball in the corner. Owens looks up at the title hanging above. Owens attempts to leave the ring so he could get a ladder but Balor grabs Owens. They trade punches but Owens hits a headbutt. The announces say that they are staying a little longer because “it’s our network.” Balor hits a slingblade. Balor tries to bring a ladder but there’s a tug of war with Owens and Owens rams the ladder into the chest and stomach of Balor. Balor is trapped by the ladder on the ring apron. Owens looks like he’s going to do a cannonball onto the ladder that is wedged on Balor but he stops and just hits a punch. Fans appreciated that though. Owens grabs the ladder but Balor punches Owens. They fight at ringside. Balor tosses Owens over the barricade but Owens holds on and they fight into the crowd. No DQ, no countouts in this match. Owens rams Balor into the barricade. Balor back bodydrops Owens back to the ringside area. Owens launches Balor into the announce table. Owens takes the top part of the table and smashes it in the face of Balor. Owens pulled out another ladder from under the ring and when he turned around he got nailed with a dropkick by Balor off the announce table. Balor brings the ladder into the ring. Fans are chanting for tables. Owens grabs the ladder and pulls it to ringside. Owens launches himself over the top rope onto Owens at ringside. Balor brings the ladder back into the ring. Balor goes to climb the ladder but Owens grabs Balor’s leg. Balor hits elbows to the head but Owens rams Balor face first into the ladder. Owens dumps Balor out of the ring. Owens sets up the ladder and climbs up. Balor brings in another ladder. Owens fights him off with a punch and kick to the face. Owens tried to hit Balor with the ladder but Balor moved and hit a kick to the face. Balor charges but Balor is hit with a clothesline from Owens. Owens rams the ladder into the gut of Balor and then slams Balor on top of the ladder and follows that up with a senton back splash while Balor lays on the ladder. Owens tried to hit a powerbomb but Balor back bodydrops Owens onto a ladder. The ladder was opened so Owens landed in between the metal in the middle of the ladder. Balor climbs up but Owens grabs him and shoves him into a ladder in the corner. Owens hits the running cannonball but Balor moves so Owens crashes into a ladder. Balor hits a running dropkick. Balor goes to the top rope and hits the double stomp off the top. Balor sets up the ladder and climbs up. Owens gets up and grabs Balor’s leg. Owens powerbombs Balor off the ladder. Crazy. Owens climbs up but Balor tips the ladder and Owens falls off. Balor struggles to get back up so he could set up a ladder but Owens grabs the leg and pulls him out of the ring. He tries for the powerbomb but Balor holds on to the ring and hits a kick to the face. Balor goes for the double stomp but Owens moves and hits the pop up powerbomb on the ring apron. Back in the ring…Owens sets up the ladder and yells at Balor to stay down. He hits Balor with a superkick to the face. Owens sets up a ladder bridge from the corner of the bottom turnbuckle to a standing ladder. Owens grabs Balor and pulls him up and tries to hit a t-bone suplex or package piledriver but Balor fights back with punches. Finn hits Owens with punches. Owens falls back onto the bridged ladder. Owens reaches for Balor but Balor kicks him away. Balor reaches for the title but he can’t quite reach all the way so Balor changes his mind and hits the double footstomp off the top of the ladder. Balor climbs back up and grabs the title. Balor wins. Balor is still champion. Good match.

Good show. The women’s match was fantastic.


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