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NXT TakeOver: R Evolution results: 2 awesome title matches; Kevin Owens turns

We are live with ongoing coverage of NXT TakeOver: R Evolution.


Pre-show notes
Corey Graves announced his retirement on the pre-show. Details at this link.
They aired a pre-taped interview with Sasha Banks. She was attacked by Becky Lynch and Bayley.
They announced that Kevin Owens will wrestle in the first match.

NXT TakeOver: R Evolution

The show starts with a video of Kevin Owens in a ring training. Then they show different NXT stars talking about tonight being their night.

Kevin Owens comes out to wrestle his first match.

Kevin Owens vs. CJ Parker – Owens starts with clotheslines and a cannonball into the turnbuckle. Owens destroyed Parker’s sign that said “My Fight Matters.” Owens with a cannonball over the top rope. The crowd is SUPER HOT for this already. Owens then got in some chops in the corner.  Parker fought back with a side kick to the head of Owens. Parker hit a sweet looking palm strike, went for the cover, but Owens kicked out at two. Owens is busted open. Owens hit a huge lariat. Owens finished him off with a power bomb off the ropes. Kevin Owens wins. Good match, went about 5 minutes.

They showed Adrian Neville stretching backstage. Then they showed a pre-taped interview from with Neville.

They showed a video package on the Lucha Dragons.

Lucha Dragons vs. The Vaudevillains (NXT Tag Team Titles) – The match started of with Sin Cara and Simon Gotch.  The Vaudevillains took advantage of the referee being distracted to double team Sin Cara. It was Gotch vs. Sin Cara for a few minutes. Gotch hit a back suplex after Sin Cara made an attempt to tag out. Sin Cara did a nice dive over the back of Aiden English and then finally made the tag. Both Dragons did a dive onto English on the outside onto English. Kalisto won over Gotch with the STS. Lucha Dragons retain their titles.

They show Sasha Banks backstage with Becky Lynch backstage preparing for her match.

Commercial for the weekly NXT show. They will have an interview with Kevin Owens on next week’s show.

Tye Dillinger vs. Baron Corbin –  Bull Dempsey is at ringside watching. Corbin wins in about a minute with the End of Days finisher. Corbin and Dempsey stare at each other after the match.

TLC commercial.

They show Sami Zayn backstage and a pre-taped interview with Zayn from

The Ascension vs. Finn Bálor & Hideo Itami – Bálor comes out with the top half of his body painted like he’s done before signing with WWE. It looks cool and makes him stand out more. The match started with all 4 in the ring. The bell has not rung yet. Double drop kicks in the corner by Itami and Bálor as fans chant “that was awesome” and “marking out” from Bálor’s entrance. Finally the match starts with Itami and Konnor. First pin attempt was by Bálor after a nice looking drop kick. Itami then got in with Viktor. Itami hit him with chops and kicks but Viktor caught him with a flapjack. Viktor tags in and continues the attack on Itami. Viktor knocks Bálor off the ring apron and then proceeds to beat up on Itami. Viktor and Konnor dominated for several minutes on Itami. Viktor missed a spear and hit the post. Hideo went for the tag but Bálor was pulled off the apron by Konnor. Konnor tags in, Itami fights back, Itami makes the tag finally after several minutes. Bálor comes in and cleans house on both men. Bálor then hits a kick on Viktor who was sitting on the top rope. Bálor with a nice dive over the top on Konnor and Viktor. Fans chant “NXT.” Bálor hit a modified looking brainbuster suplex on Viktor but only got a two count. Bálor goes for a spin kick but gets hit with an STO. Itami breaks up the pin. Itami gets tossed to the outside of the ring. Ascension set up for Fall of Man but Itami pulls Konnor out. Pele kick by Bálor. Itami with a running dropkick on Konnor. Great match here. Bálor and Itami both hit diving foot stomps from the top. Bálor gets the pin on Viktor. Finn Bálor and Hideo Itami get the win. The Ascension is headed to the main WWE roster soon so this was a logical finish.

Renee Young backstage with Roman Reigns. He said being voted Superstar of the Year was phenomenal. He said he’s at NXT to watch an awesome show, especially the main event. He said those guys are the future and his goal is to be the first NXT alumni to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

They show Charlotte backstage with her father Ric Flair. They showed a video package for Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte.

Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte – Charlotte starts with a Thesz press and rains down with punches. Sasha fights back with a knee to the stomach and rams Chalotte into the corner. She hits some chops on Charlotte. Charlotte reverses and hits a chop. Then another chop in the other corner. Then a kick and another chop as the crowd does the “Wooooo.” Sasha kicks Charlotte out of the ring and rams her into the steps back first. Back in the ring Sasha puts a foot to the face of Charlotte. Charlotte fights back but Sasha cuts her off. Charlotte caught up in the middle rope. Sasha with a double knee to the stomach on Charlotte. Sasha gets a two count. Snapmare by Sasha, then she does a mock strut. Charlotte rolls up Sasha and gets a two count. Jaw breaker by Charlottes. Backstabber on Charlotte while holding Charlotte’s arms at the same time. Sasha holds on to the move and tries to get Charlotte to submit. Charlotte fights back. Sasha grabs Charlotte and drags her down by the hair. Two count. Headscissors on the mat by Sasha. Charlotte gets up with Sasha on top of her shoulders and falls backwards. Both women are down now as the ref counts. Sasha gets up before the ten count. They trade blows. Charlotte gets the upper hand and hits with forearm smashes and the chop. Neckbreaker by Charlotte. Two count. Charlotte goes after Sasha but falls through the ropes. Sasha does a dive through the ropes onto Charlotte as fans chant “NXT.” Nice pacing. Slow pace but picking up every couple of minutes. They get back in the ring. They trade forearms and chops. Sasha with knees to the stomach. Charlotte hits a spear. Charlotte charges the corner but gets hit with a kick to the face. Sasha tried to go for the Banks statement but Charlotte blocked it. Neckbreaker by Sasha. Two count. Another pin attempt…two count. Another pin attempt…two count. T-Bone suplex by Chalotte. Fans chanting “this is wrestling.” Charlotte to the top rope. Moonsault but lands on her feet after Sasha moves. Charlotte with a rolling sentan, pin attempt, Sasha gets her leg under the rope. Awesome sequence of moves. Sasha fights back. Sasha gets Charlotte on the top rope, goes for a superplex, Charlotte picks her up and drops her off the top. Charlotte stands up on the top rope. Natural Selection finisher for the win. Charlotte retains her title. Awesome match. Great stuff from both women.

Commercial for the weekly NXT show.

Video package for Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville.

They show Sami Zayn in the walkway as he’s about to come out for his match. Here we go…

JoJo does the ring introductions once both men are in the ring. Sami looks more serious and determined given it’s the main event and it’s for the NXT title. Neville getting lots of boos from the crowd. “Lets Go Sami,” “Neville Sucks,” and “Olay, Olay, Olay” chants before both men lock up.

Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville – Neville gets a front facelock as the match starts. Zayn reverses. A bunch of reversals, they both are standing up and then circle each other and then lock up. Zayn gets an arm. Neville reverses into a chinlock with Zayn’s arm behind him. Neville gets the upperhand and gets Zayn on the ground. Neville tosses Zayn over his head while holding onto the arm of Zayn. Slow pace to start. Zayn reverses and fights out. Both men standing and facing off again. No high impact stuff yet. Zayn charges but Neville moves, a bunch of reversals and then a tilt a whirl by Zayn. Neville rolls out. Zayn with a spring board moonsault onto Neville on the outside. Ref counts. Neville takes his time getting in the ring. Sweet looking dropkick by Zayn..cover..two count. Zayn rams Neville into the corner, magistra cradle for a one count. Neville fights back with a forearm and pin attempt. Dropkick to the back of Zayn’s head. Pin attempt. Kick out at two. Chinlock by Neville. Nasty looking uppercut by Neville. Another pin attempt. Two count. Neville drives the knee to the head of Zayn who’s laying on his back. Neville continues with the reverse chinlock. Zayn rams him into the corner and breaks it. Neville with a back elbow. Neville with a dropkick off the second rope. Cover. Two count. 95 percent of the crowd is cheering for Zayn. Zayn fights back with a chop but Neville hits him with kicks. Zayn with a clothesline out of nowhere. A second one. Then a dropkick. Match pace picking up. Neville rolls outside, then rolls inside and hits a headscissors. Zayn backbody drop on Neville. Neville on the outside. No hands Swanton to the outside onto Neville. Back in the ring Zayn hits a crossbody. Pin attempt..two count. Sit down powerbomb by Zayn. Two count. Match pace is really really picking up now. Jawbreaker by Neville. Running uppercut into the corner by Neville. Kick by Neville as Sami is running back at Neville. German Suplex by Neville. Cover…two count. Neville is getting frustrated. Neville goes for a powerbomb. Sami breaks it. Neville hits a sit down powerbomb. Cover. Two count. Neville argues with the referee. Neville with hard forearms. Sami still standing and asking for more. Now they trade blows. Neville with kicks. Neville hits the ropes. Sami with a clothesline. Sami goes for the running kick but Neville moves and kicks Sami. Neville to the top rope. Hits the red arrow by Sami gets the knees up. Koji clutch by Sami. Neville fights as the ref asks if he wants to submit. Adrian gets his leg on the rope. Ref breaks it. Sami went to slam Neville into the corner but Neville reversed it and rolled up Sami. Two count.  Ref bump. Sami went to check on the ref and then Sami got hit with a kick and reverse hurricarana. Cover…almost a three count. Sami’s compassion nearly cost him the match. Lots of cool moves here.  Both men hit each other with forearms as they can barely stand. Sami with two German suplexes and then an overhead throw. Neville rolls out of the ring. Sami goes outside, does his trademark dive-thru-the-ropes DDT on to Neville on the outside. Both men back in the ring now. Sami with the running kick but hits the ref as he does it. Ref is down. Announcers ask if Neville pulled the ref into Sami. Sami checks on the ref again. Neville grabs the title and brings it in the ring. Sami with a kick to Neville. The title is in the ring. Sami looks down as if he’s thinking about using it against Neville. Ref is still down. Sami says “come on motherf**ker” but it gets muted. Announcers tell him not to do it since he will risk a DQ. Sami decides against it and gets rolled up…two count. Sami with an overhead suplex into the corner. Sami with the running kick into the corner. He gets the win. SAMI ZAYN IS THE NEW NXT CHAMPION. Another awesome match. Sami celebrated with the title after the match as the crowd went nuts for the finish. The NXT locker room comes out to congratulate Sami Zayn. Kevin Owens hugs Sami Zayn in the ring. Even Pat Patterson was in the ring to celebrate as the confetti came down from the ceiling. The roster put Sami up on their shoulders. Adrian Neville is back in the ring. Sami’s music stops playing. Neville and Sami look at each other. Sami put the belt down. Sami goes for a handshake. Neville kicks his hand away and gives him a hug instead. The roster leaves the ring as Sami goes up to the corner of the ring to show off his new title. Kevin Owens hugs Sami again outside of the ring.

They’re about to go off the air but Kevin clothes line Sami and then powerbombs him on the ring apron. William Regal comes down and looks angry. The ref and Regal go to check on Sami. Regal yells for the ref to call for help.

You should really watch this show if you weren’t able to watch it live.


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