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NXT Takeover: Respect results - Bayley vs. Sasha Banks, Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

[Show: WWE NXT Takeover] [Location: Winter Park, FL] [Date: 10/7/15] [Airing on the WWE Network]

Welcome to WWE NXT Takeover: Respect. there is an opening video package hyping tonight’s main event between Sasha Banks and Bayley as well as the other key matches that will take place on tonight's show.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semi-Finals: Samoa Joe and Finn Balor vs. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Dawson kicked Balor off the apron to begin the show, which upset Joe, who landed a series of jabs and elbows to Dawson. Joe missed a splash in the corner and allowed Dawson to connect with a series of right hands. Dash and Dawson double teamed Joe in the corner. Wilder tagged in, but ate a kick. Dawson and Balor were tagged in next. Balor with a chop to Dawson then a clothesline. Balor drop kicked Wilder off the apron then sent Dawson to the floor. Balor with a dive over the top rope taking the two men out.

Back in the ring, Balor hit Dawson with a drop kick into the corner. Balor went to the top rope but missed. Dawson took out the left knee of Balor. This led to Dawson and Wilder targeting the injured left knee of Balor. Moments later Balor avoided a spear and got the hot tag to Joe. This led to Joe clearing house on Wilder and landing a big boot followed by a back splash. Joe with a scoop slam for 2. Joe connected with a chokeslam then went for the Muscle Buster, Finn Balor asked for the tag. Joe hit the buster then Balor hit the double foot stomp for the win.

Winners: Joe and Balor.

Sasha Banks is shown warming up backstage. Highlights from this past weekend’s NXT live events are shown.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semi-Finals: Rhyno and Baron Corbin vs. Chad Gable and Jason Jordan

Jordan and Corbin start things off. After Jordan shows off for a bit, Corbin cuts him off with a shoulder block then a back elbow. Rhyno is tagged in, but Jordan takes him down with a single leg. Gable was tagged in and worked over the left arm of Rhyno. However, Rhyno fought out and started landing a series of chops to the chest of Gable. Rhyno missed a clothesline, and Gable locked in a headlock. Gabe worked over the left arm of Rhyno until Rhyno sent Gable flying to the floor. Corbin destroyed Gable on the outside by driving him into the apron. He tagged himself in and tossed Gable back into the ring. Corbin connects with a clothesline then a huge big boot, but only got a near fall for it.

Rhyno was tagged in and went for a splash off the top rope, but missed as Gable rolled out of the way. Corbin and Jordan got the hot tags. Jordan cleaned house with a series of dropkicks. Jordan with a back suplex to Corbin then pulled down the straps on his singlet. Jordan with a spear in the corner then tagged in Gable. Corbin with a clothesline to Jordan then hit the End of Days to Gable. Rhyno took out Jordan with a suplex. Corbin went for a suplex, but Gable rolled him up into a german suplex for 2 as Rhyno broke it up. Jordan ate a Gore for his troubles by Rhyno. Corbin hit the End of Days on Gable for the win.

Winners: Corbin and Rhyno.

Kevin Nash was shown in attendance.

Singles Match: Asuka vs. Dana Brooke

They lock up; Asuka worked over the arm of Brooke in the early going. Brooke slapped Asuka in the face. Asuka off the ropes and knocked her down. Asuka then mocked Brooke. They traded forearm shots, but Asuka quickly took her down with an arm drag into a left arm submission. Asuka let it go to kick Brooke in the back. Emma distracted Asuka, which allowed Brooke to attack her with a series of right.

Brooke with a series of shoulder blocks in the corner to Asuka followed up by a clothesline that led into Brooke locking in a body scissors. Asuka reversed and locked in a kneebar. Asuka let her up then hit a german suplex. Brooke with a back elbow, but ran into a flying armbar by Asuka. She then transitioned into a headlock followed by a super kick. Emma got on the apron but ate a spinning elbow. Asuka with a running knee strikes to the face of Brooke. Asuka locked the Asuka Lock for the win.

Winner: Asuka.

Post-match, Brooke tried to attack Asuka, but ate a spinning kick for her troubles. Asuka then stared at Emma, who just turned away in shame.

Finn Balor is shown being evaluated by a WWE doctor backstage. He’s still selling his knee injury.

A video package hyping Nia Jax was shown. She’ll be making her debut next week.

Singles Match: Apollo Crews vs. Tyler Breeze

They lock up, Crews with a suplex. Breeze went for a quick roll up, but Crews blocked. Breeze kicked Crews in the face then sent Crews to the floor. Breeze sent Crews back first into the apron. Back in the ring, Breeze locked in a headlock. Breeze hit a backbreaker for 2. Breeze locked in the sharpshooter on Crews, but Crews was able to grab the bottom rope to break the submission. Breeze with a series of right hands to the face of Crews. Breeze off the ropes, but ate a kick by Crews. Breeze reversed a move and hit a superkick.

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Breeze dumped Crews to the floor then hit a spring board kick to the face of Crews. Back in the ring, Breeze went for a dive off the top rope, but Crews reversed it into a scoop slam. Breeze went for the standing moonsault, but Breeze put his knees up and rolled up Crews for 2. Breeze with a forearm shot, but went for another and ate a big boot. Crews with a powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Crews.

Funaki and Hideo Itami was shown in attendance.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals: Samoa Joe and Finn Balor vs. Rhyno and Baron Corbin

Rhyno and Balor start things off. They lock up, but then tag in their partners. Corbin got the better of Joe in a striking exchange that led to Rhyno being tagged in and connecting with a series of chops. Rhyno with a spear in the corner then a belly to belly suplex. Corbin was tagged in, but ate a kick by Joe. This led to Balor being tagged in. Balor with a drop kick to Corbin the a chop. Corbin with a big boot, but when he went to the top rope, Balor connected with a kick. Rhyno took out the left knee of Balor. Corbin worked over the left leg of Balor with a series of strikes. Corbin with a splash in the corner. Balor attempted to fight out, but Corbin caught him with a power slam.

Corbin off the ropes and right into the slingblade by Balor. Samoa Joe got the hot tag and cleared house on Rhyno. Joe with a back splash followed by a chokeslam. Joe takes out Corbin with the STO. Rhyno with the Gore to Joe, but Balor broke it up. Balor hit a DDT to Corbin then sent him to the floor. Joe kicks Rhyno in the face and hit the Muscle Buster followed by the now legal Balor with the double foot stomp for the win.

Winners: Balor and Joe.

Post-match, the two men celebrated in the ring. The Rhodes family joined them and gave them the Dusty Rhodes Classic Trophy. Cody Rhodes cut a backstage promo about how they can’t run from what happened to the Dusty, but we can respect and remember him. Cody said that tonight “we are all Rhodes.” Dusty Rhodes entrance music played and the segment ended.

30-Minute Ironman Match for the NXT Women's Title: Sasha Banks vs. Bayley ©

The first minute is just allowing the girls to take the moment in. They lock up with the crowd fully invested in this one. Banks wiht a series of quick roll ups, but only got 2 for both of them. Bayley with a clothesline then went for a series of pin falls. Banks with a drop kick sending Bayley flying into the corner. Bayley with an arm drag for a near fall. Banks went to the top rope and connected with an arm drag. She went for the Bank Statement but blocked. Bayley went for her finisher too, but that was blocked as well. Banks shook the hand of Bayley out of respect but actually suckered her in as she tossed Bayley by the hair. Bayley answered this with a suplex. Banks rolled to the floor to regroup. Bayley with a drop kick through the ring posts. Back in the ring, Bayley connected with a bulldog for 2. Banks with a poke to the eyes of Bayley and rolled her up for the first fall.

First fall: Banks.

The two started brawling then Bayley sent Banks face first into the turnbuckle several times. Banks with a knee to the gut of Bayley then went for the double knee drop but countered by Bayley. Bayley went for a slam but blocked, and Banks hit a forearm shot. Banks went to the top rope, but Bayley popped up and hit the Bayley-to-belly suplex for the second fall.

Second fall: Bayley

Each girl has won fall.

Banks tossed Bayley to the floor then sent her into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Banks covered her for 2. Banks then Bayley to the floor where she tweaked her knee. Banks then sent Bayley back first one of the LED boards on the stage, which resulted in Bayley being counted out.

Third fall: Banks. (2-1 for Banks).

Back in the ring, Banks covered Bayley for a near fall. Banks hit a backbreaker for 2. Banks locked in a full boston crab, but Bayley got to the bottom rope. Bayley with a small package to score a pinfall.

Fourth fall: Bayley (2-2).

Bayley with a big boot to Banks then a double axe. Bayley with a face plant for 2. Bayley with a spear in the corner then a back splash and a back elbow in the corner to Banks. Bayley off the middle rope with a spinning elbow. Bayley with a running drop kick to the face of Banks in the corner for a near fall. Bayley went to the top rope, but Banks knocked her down. Banks with the double knee drop in the corner and covered her for a near fall. Banks missed a spear in the corner. Bayley sent Banks to the floor then slammed Banks’ hand into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Bayley covered her for 2. The action leads to outside of the ring where Bayley launched herself off the ring steps and took out Banks with a clothesline. Banks kicked Bayley into the steel steps. Banks went for a dive through the ropes but was caught by Bayley, who hit the Bayley-to-belly suplex. Back in the ring, Bayley covered her for 2. Back in the ring, Bayley put Banks on the top rope and hit her finisher off the rope for a near fall as Banks put her foot on the bottom rope to break the pinfall. Bayley put Banks on the top rope and went for a reverse hurricanrana, but Banks landed on her feet. She hit the belly-to-belly suplex then the Bank Statement. However, Bayley powered through it and broke up the submission. Banks hit the Bank Statement, but Bayley reversed mid-way through it and locked in an arm submission that saw Banks verbally give up with just a few seconds left.

Fifth and final fall: Bayley (3-2).

Winner and still champion: Bayley

After the match, the entire NXT locker room came out and gave both Bayley and Sasha Banks some flowers. Triple H raised the arm of Bayley in the ring. Bayley stands tall in the ring to close the show.