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NXT Takeover: WarGames - brutal match with lots of weapons and blood



The NXT Takeover: WarGames show capped off an incredible night of action with the caged double ring WarGames match as the main event. The three teams in the match were SAnitY, The Authors of Pain & Roderick Strong, and The Undisputed Era. Before the match got started, they showed Dustin Rhodes and Arn Anderson sitting in the crowd. It was a nice gesture since both men are very familiar with WarGames from their WCW days.

Here are some highlights (written in real-time during as the match was in progress):

Eric Young, Adam Cole, and Roderick Strong started the match. Strong decided to blend in so he made sure that his gear matched AOP's gear. The other two members of The Undisputed Era entered the match after 5:00 so they had the advantage until the next team entered the match. The AOP entered the ring 2:00 later which meant that SAnitY would be the last two men to enter 2:00 after AOP and that would be the official start of WarGames - the match beyond.

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Alexander Wolfe brought a billy club and used it as soon as he got in the ring. Killian Dane brought trash cans, chairs, and chains in the match. The fans asked for tables so Dane gave them what they asked for. Dane locked the door with a chain and Mauro Ranallo let fans know that leaving the cage means that you forfeit the match. Dane was the star of the match for a few minutes. He even hit a crossbody off the top and wiped out all of the other competitors in the match. Later in the match, Dane was bleeding on his forehead. Young was also bleeding near his nose. This was a brutal match and you should see it if you didn't watch it live.

There was a cool double tower of doom spot executed by AOP in separate rings at the same time. Wolfe hit a super German suplex off the top rope on one of the AOP through two tables that were set up side by side. Wolfe was busted open pretty bad. Dane hit a coast to coast Van Terminator on a trash can that was set up on Kyle O'Reilly's face. Ouch! Cole was about to jump off the top of the cage but Strong went up after him and the battled on the top as fans chanted "please don't die." Strong suplexed Cole off the top of the cage onto the rest of the competitors in the ring. Freaking insane. Cole got the pin on Young after hitting the Shining Wizard into a chair that cracked Young's head. Amazing and brutal match.

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