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NXT will be part of the WWE Draft (UPDATED)



It looks like we may be seeing some main roster stars moving down to NXT and we will probably see some NXT wrestlers moved up to Raw and/or SmackDown.

In a tweet just posted on the official @WWE Twitter account, it was indicated that NXT will be part of the Draft. That is news because, prior to today, WWE had not said anything about NXT being part of the Draft so apparently plans have changed.

Several Retribution members along with Keith Lee and Matt Riddle are some of the recent additions to the main roster so with NXT losing so many names, one would assume that we'll see more main roster talent moving down to NXT.

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Speaking of wrestlers moving down to NXT, there is speculation that a main roster star will return to NXT tonight as the mystery person that has been teased in vignettes. Click here for potential spoiler news on that story.

UPDATE: The original tweet has been removed and a new one was posted without NXT being mentioned so it looks like NXT will NOT be part of the WWE Draft.