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NXT wrestler announces that he has been released by WWE



Sawyer Fulton announced on Twitter that he has received his release from WWE. Fulton was an original member of SAnitY. Unfortunately for him, an injury kept him sidelined for several months. Fulton had been wrestling at the Florida shows in recent months but they did have much for him to do on the main shows.

He said the following on Twitter:

"Wow there a lot of feelings going through my head right now. First off, thank you to everyone who has supported me the last 5 years. Coaches, brothers, fans, family, and an amazing woman named Abby. This has been an absolutely amazing time in WWE. After my injury I worked as hard as possible to come back, and it just happened to not work out. However, I'm not ashamed of being released by any means, I held nothing back and at the end of the day I'm happy to leave with my head held high. I'm going to continue to work hard as possible and learn all I can in wrestling, nothing changes but the name.

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The last thing I said to Canyon and Coach Bloom was that I'm still young and I will be back in WWE and I fully intend to prove it. I want to be a great professional wrestler, that goal will never change, only the path that takes me there. Honestly I can not wait to start down this new path, and travel, and wrestle in front of new crowds. WWE, NXT thank you for everything you have done for me, and we will see each other again soon. And for all my brothers in the back, I'm sure we will make another town together in the future. I love You all. See you soon!"

Fulton is just 27 years old so there is plenty of time for him to make a name for himself elsewhere before getting another look from WWE.

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