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NXT’s Jordan Myles says he has quit WWE: “I refuse to work for racists”

NXT star Jordan Myles announced on his Twitter account that hat he has quit WWE.

Myles says he is no longer employed and refuses to work for them and says he hates the company. He announced this in an expletive-laden video on Twitter:

“As of today, I’d like to officially announce that I quit f**king WWE. I am no longer employed. I refuse to work for racists.” He paused before continuing with the video. “I f**king quit, f**k them. I hate that f**king company and everything they f**king stand for. All they ever did was hold our f**king people back. I do this for the culture. I don’t need anyone’s f**king permission to do what I want to do. Screw Jordan Myles, don’t ever call me by that slave name. Call me ACH and don’t forget the ‘Super’, bi***h! I quit, f**k you!”

WWE has not commented yet on the video and it’s not clear if he is indeed legally free from his obligations with the company. Myles has not appeared at any live events since September.

For those of you that have not been following this story, Myles previously called out the company after he said he was offended by a racist t-shirt design. Myles later posted a screenshot of an email of someone in the company who is involved in the t-shirt design process.

People in the company said the shirt was approved by Myles but Myles said he approved the design when it was on a white background. The final shirt was on a black background and some saw it as a blackface depiction. People I’ve spoken with in WWE believe the design was not intended to be racist and no shirts were sold as it was pulled when concerns were raised.

Myles has changed his name back to ACH, which is short for his real name Albert Christian Hardie. He used the name ACH on the independent scene.

You can listen to his announcement below (Note: NSFW language).

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