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Official Raw preview. Big show tonight.

Tonight is a big night for WWE. Tonight starts the big push towards WrestleMania and the return of The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan. Ric Flair is also scheduled to be at Raw tonight. There may be an angle to get people to tune in to the network after Raw. Here is the official preview from WWE:

Whatcha gonna do?: After a seven-year absence from the empire he helped sculpt with the biggest arms in the world, Hulk Hogan returns to Monday Night Raw. The former Undisputed Champion will likely look to get reacquainted with the WWE Universe before he handles the hosting duties of WrestleMania 30, but the landscape of WWE has drastically changed since The Hulkster last came home. With new faces like The Authority, The Wyatts and Daniel Bryan in play, is “The Immortal One” already in danger? Or will he show them, once again, where the power lies?

After the War: The war is won, and The Wyatt Family are the victors. After a ruthless collision of WWE’s two most fearsome factions, Bray Wyatt and his family stood tall over the vanquished Hounds of Justice at Elimination Chamber. But while Bray seems to have already chosen his next victim (more on that in a bit), what awaits The Shield, who were methodically isolated and defeated down the stretch of their biggest test? Can they right the ship once more? Or has the clock finally struck twelve for one of the most dominant groups in WWE history?

The Viper and the Animal: So it’s settled, then. Randy Orton will indeed defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 30, and Batista will be there waiting for him. Tensions between Triple H’s two protégés have been boiling for weeks since Batista won the Royal Rumble Match, and with the undisputed prize now on the line between the two, how will Orton kick off the road to his biggest title defense ever? And will The Authority be forced to pick sides?

The Big Payback: The WrestleMania main-event hopes of both Daniel Bryan and John Cena were dashed inside the Elimination Chamber thanks to outside interference: Both The Wyatts and Kane bucked the odds and forced their way inside Satan’s Prison, much to the detriment of 14-time World Champion Cena and WWE’s “YES!” man, respectively. Neither Superstar has ever been one to take this sort of injustice lying down, so what’s in store for The Wyatts and The Devil’s Favorite Director of Operations?

Before and After: WWE Network officially launches today at 9 AM Eastern, and that means for the first time, the WWE Universe will get to experience the live Raw Pre-Show and Backstage Pass. Tune into WWE Network at 7:30 p.m. ET to get exclusive analysis on the show to come, and tune back to WWE Network after Raw concludes to see what happens when the show ends. And speaking of the show, Raw itself, airs at 8/7 CT live on USA Network!

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