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Old school NXT version of Asuka returned during WWE Raw

It looks like we may be seeing the old school version of Asuka heading into WrestleMania.

This week on WWE Raw, Asuka got her revenge by pinning Shayna Baszler. Asuka was cleared after suffering a concussion and having a tooth knocked out by Baszler a couple of weeks ago.

Baszler tried to attack Asuka after the match but Asuka fought back and then tried to curb stomp Baszler’s face into an exposed turnbuckle. The referee stopped her from causing more damage as the announcers noted that they have never seen this version of Asuka before.

Actually, this version of Asuka is somewhat close to what fans saw in NXT and the big criticism about the way she is booked is that she no longer shows that mean streak. It looks like she will have more of a mean streak heading into WrestleMania where she is expected to defend the Raw Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair.


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