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Old tweets may cost a TNA Knockout from getting her shot in WWE

We noted last night that Jessica Havok was among the names being given a WWE tryout this week at the Performance Center. Well, if WWE has seen her tweet history then she may not be getting a call back from them. There are several homophobic and racial slurs in her tweet history and it was something that fans brought up in recent days when news got out that she was being given a WWE tryout. She started deleting the tweets but some fans had already taken screen shots. You can see a couple of the old tweets by clicking here. One of her tweets said, "At KFC right now channeling my inner n*****." Yes, seriously.

She had also taken shots at people in WWE in past interviews including some comments directed at former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly. To my knowledge, Kelly Kelly did not do or say anything to provoke her comments. Anyway, Jessica Havok wrote the following on her twitter account today:

want to apologize whole heartedly for the OLD tweets that are being brought up right now. Legit, It was years ago and i don't even rem.tweeting over half of this stuff. The stuff i do remember was jokes that were in bad taste. I was young and very new to social media promo and i was very immature and just said things to make my friends laugh at the time. Inside jokes between us. I don't really feel or believe any of the things i DID actually tweet. I am a loving, compassionate person and i LOVE everyone. No mater who! I would die for any wrestling fan and i care so much about wrestling and everything in it. I would not be here without any of you. I was young, stupid & immature. I am not too proud to admit some of it was me being bitter for all the wrong reasons, but I've learned and grown from this .. i hope this can be forgiven. I love you guys.

In the past she has used the song "Third Reich from the Sun" as entrance music by Hanzel and Gretyl as entrance music. Some fans have said that they are some sort of "white power" band or a band that uses Nazi imagery.

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