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Omos reportedly flew home before WWE Raw



There are more details on Omos whereabouts that would explain why his match with AJ Styles did not happen on WWE Monday Night Raw.

As noted earlier, Omos vs. Styles was advertised for this week's show but plans changed and at one point it was supposed to be Styles vs. Commander Azeez. However, during a commercial break that was changed to Styles vs. Apollo Crews with Azeez at ringside.

PWInsider reports that Omos was not backstage during Raw but he was in Detroit earlier today and multiple sources confirmed that he flew home before the live broadcast.

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Omos wrestled Styles last night in Madison Square Garden. At this point, it's unclear why he flew home. The company has been dealing with some positive COVID-19 positive tests and some names were sent home for precautionary reasons. At this point, we don't know if Omos leaving has to do with the COVID-19 situation or a completely different reason.

Omos was not the only person absent from Raw. WWE Champion Big E was not at the show but he sent in a taped promo to hype his title match at Day 1. Bobby Lashley, Becky Lynch, and Seth Rollins were also not at Raw this week. Roman Reigns was not at the house shows in Tampa and Orlando.