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One of the best wrestlers in the world is much closer to signing with WWE



One the best wrestlers in the world is much closer to being free to sign with any company in the world, including WWE. Ricochet's deal with Lucha Underground prevented him from signing with a company like ROH or New Japan Pro Wrestling or WWE because the contract stipulated that he could not appear on TV for another company until 90 days after the end of the third season.

Well, the season finale for the third season aired on Wednesday night so now, as he noted on Twitter, the clock is ticking and he would be free to sign with anyone on January 16, 2018. It's no secret that WWE wants him. He could also make good money working for ROH and/or New Japan Pro Wrestling but the belief is that he is WWE-bound.

On his podcast, Konnan said that he got the final booking date for Ricochet (the middle of December) but was not sure if he was going to sign with WWE or NJPW. The only thing he knows is that he cannot take dates with The Crash promotion in Mexico. A deal with New Japan or WWE would prohibit him from working there.

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