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One WWE star apparently agrees that too many women are getting lost in the shuffle



We've talked about the issues with the crowded roster on and it's affected several names on Raw, Smackdown Live and NXT. We've also talked about the benefits of a crowded roster because it allows wrestlers to stay off TV for a while and come back refreshed.

However, some wrestlers don't see it that way. You can name a bunch of wrestlers that were not booked for this year's SummerSlam...Bayley, Asuka and Naomi are just a few that I can list off the top of my head. At least in Bayley's case, she seems to be headed towards a feud with Sasha Banks when one of them turns heel. WWE has plans for Asuka but we haven't heard much about Naomi.

Naomi has been working on live events but there is nothing hinting at a TV storyline for her and she appears to agree with fans who think that there are too many women on the roster and some are getting lost in the shuffle.

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A fan on Twitter wrote: "@WWE has a woman problem. And the problem is there's too many of them. Alot of the talent is getting lost in the shuffle. I haven't seen @NaomiWWE in a long while and @itsBayleyWWE hasn't been on the last 3 PPVs. #Evolution couldn't have come at a better time."

Naomi's response was short and to the point: "True that."

We'll see what happens in the next few months as more NXT wrestlers move up to the main roster. Something has to give...either certain Superstars will be released or WWE will have to figure out a solution to accommodate the ever-growing roster. An all-women's show might not be such a bad idea.

On a related note, it looks like some women might not have a match at the Evolution pay-per-view because there are several former stars returning for the show. We won't spoil it but you can click here if you want to know about plans for Ronda Rousey's opponent on that show. Also, WWE announced on Saturday that Trish Stratus would be returning to face Alexa Bliss. There are also plans to include Lita, Beth Phoenix and Michele McCool on the show.