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One WWE star is not sad about Sin Cara's release request



As we wrote about earlier, WWE star Sin Cara requested his release from the company earlier today.

WWE Raw star Andrade apparently does not seem bothered by Sin Cara's announcement. In a quoted tweet, he joked about his statement.

Here is the translation of his tweet: "I couldn't retire Rey Mysterio but I did Sin Cara, run, let him retire or quit. Andrade the new #FaceofLatino bye."

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Sin Cara is currently on the European tour and he was scheduled for next week's Monday Night Raw in Boston, but WWE has opted to send him home after the tour and he will not appear on TV next week. WWE has no plans to release him so he could end up stuck in WWE until his contract expires in 2022. Even worse for him is that he's lost consecutive matches to Andrade on TV and Catalina is already gone from Raw after two weeks.

Anything is possible in WWE, but the tweet from Andrade does not appear to be a work.

As we noted before, there are other WWE stars who have talked about wanting to leave the company. The small group has opted to run out their contracts instead of asking for an early release.

One WWE star who appears to be staying with the company is Rusev. He recently said in an interview that he would like to go back to Saudi Arabia and he has been positive about his storyline with Lana and Bobby Lashley. Click here for backstage news on how Vince McMahon feels about the negative fan feedback to the Rusev-Lana-Lashley storyline.