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Origin of Ultimate Warrior clip showing him swearing at youth

The Ultimate Warrior was a very busy man during his lifetime always on the hunt to inspire a new generation of Warriors. His spirit will live on forever just like he always said and he knew how much the fans meant to his success, especially the younger ones.

This is why Ultimate Warrior filmed a reality show shortly before his death where he wanted to help out and instill the components needed to be a Warrior. Putting aside some of the less attractive aspects of The Ultimate Warrior’s personality and vocabulary he was really a man with the best intentions.

Recently a clip has gone viral showing Ultimate Warrior swearing at a group of young men while training them. One young man told Warrior “I can’t” and didn’t receive the most welcoming reply from the WWE Hall Of Famer. Although it was an intense concept perhaps it was ahead of its time because they only filmed 2 episodes of The Warrior Show.

In reality, this clip was pulled out of context and it’s actually nothing new either. Even though there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it from going viral Warrior was doing way more than just yelling at kids while trying to train them.

You can check out the entire episode of Warrior’s reality television show below and judge for yourself. The scene that’s gone viral occurs at around the 19-minute mark in the video.



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