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Oscar gives details on Nelson "Big Daddy V" Frazier's passing; unhappy with WWE waiting to give tribute

Oscar, the former WWE tag team partner of Nelson Frazier spoke about Frazier's passing. You can hear the interview at

Oscar on Viscera's passing: "For those that don't know the details - Big Daddy V was getting out of his bathtub and he was feeling really hot. His wife laid him down and got him a cold glass of water and I believe a cold compress. Minutes later he started bleeding from the mouth and he suffered from a heart attack. He literally died in his wife's arms. His last words were (while looking at his wife Cassandra): 'I love you very much.'"

Oscar on WWE Raw following Big Daddy V's passing: "I'm very disappointed that there wasn't even a mention on Elimination Chamber and Raw. I watched the shows and I was hoping they would say something, but they didn't. I was at a loss as to why they didn't."

Oscar on Viscera's successes in life: "He lived to realize all of his dreams. As a wrestling manager, as a person who has been in WWE or WWF, and a person who has been instrumental in helping an extraordinary human being build a legacy, I've got to tell you there's a lot of us that are born and we never realize or dreams. That man lived a full life."

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Oscar's thoughts on paying tribute: "That man got to travel around the world, he got to see the world. He got to fall in love with an extraordinary woman in Cassandra Frazier, and get married and be in love. He got to be on television. He got to know fame and sign autographs and not get a big head behind it. He got to do a lot of things that some people only dream about and that's what I want to celebrate, that's how I want him to be remembered."