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There was a disgusting moment on tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

On tonight's show, Alpha Academy teamed up with Theory in a match against The Street Profits.

The babyfaces won after Ford hit the splash off the top rope onto Otis. Apparently, the splash was too much for Otis because he threw up after the match was over. This was planned because they showed a clip earlier of Otis in a hot dog eating contest.

After they came back from the commercial break, they showed a replay of Otis throwing up. This is something that Vince McMahon likes, dating back to when The Ultimate Warrior threw up after being "cursed" by Papa Shango in 1992.

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In 1998, they had Darren Drozdov throw up on TV after Drozdov showed McMahon at his office that he could do that on command. They later renamed him Puke in the short-lived attempt to revive the Legion Of Doom without Hawk.

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