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Owen Hart once filled Vince McMahon’s office with hogs as a prank, Matt Hardy reveals

On this week’s “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy,” he discussed Owen Hart, his feelings on Owen teaming with Jeff Jarrett, his thoughts on AEW’s Owen Hart tournament, and reminisced on a prank Owen played on Vince McMahon.

Matt’s thoughts on Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett as a tag team in WWE:

“I thought they were great as a team. They were very like minded in the way they worked, and also the way they structured matches, and also the way they would put over their opponents as well. If I’m not mistaken, in a dark match, we actually defeated those guys. After that match, they were both so thrilled with it. I’m pretty sure after that match, Owen and Jeff both pitched to Vince Russo and Vince McMahon and said, ‘What if we take the Hardy Boyz and they defeat us in an upset match? We think it would give them some credibility and these guys can be a great team for the tag team division.'”

“So I know a little later, they ended up being the champions, and they’d won the titles. But I know there was a point where they had pushed to put Jeff and I over like in an upset win to give us some credibility, which was very cool,” Matt said.

Matt talking about the Owen Hart tournament:

“I’m so happy that AEW is going to be celebrating the life and career of Owen Hart through this Owen Hart tournament and also through producing different Owen Hart merchandise as well. I’m so happy that Martha and Owen’s memory and their kids are going to be honored somewhere in the pro wrestling venue.”

On the rib Owen Hart pulled on Vince McMahon:

“They had the hog pen match between Triple H and Henry O Godwinn where they were wrestling in the mud at the In Your House PPV. We were there as extras. I remember someone pulled up and came by us. I was out there with some other guys. He said, ‘Excuse me. Do you know where we need to go? We are here delivering the hogs.’ I remember Owen came roaring out of the hallway and he said, ‘Hey, you’re the guys with the hogs? I’ll show you where to put them. Come with me. Come with me. Come with me.’ We kind of followed this because he seemed very suspect when he was doing this. He was up to something.”

“There’s always a huge sign on Vince’s office and he removes the sign. He said, ‘This is where they go. They all go right in here. We’re going to store them here until showtime.'”

“They put several hogs in Vince’s office. We’re like, ‘Oh my god. This fu*king crazy son of a bitch, like is he trying to get fired’, and he’s dying laughing about it all. I remember we sat around and we watched the situation. Vince comes walking back. He grabs the door. opens it, and a hog comes running out. He looks in and he sees all those hogs. He turns and yells, ‘Owen!’ He knew immediately as soon as the hog ran that it was Owen.”

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