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Owen Hart's son interviewed for upcoming "Dark Side of the Ring" on Vice TV

Owen Hart Foundation/WWE

Owen Hart Foundation/WWE

As noted on Saturday, Dr. Martha Hart, the widow of the late Owen Hart was interviewed by Vice Media for a future episode of "Dark Side of the Ring."

According to the social media accounts for the Owen Hart Foundation, Oje Hart was also interviewed for the documentary. Oje is Owen's son.

There is no word yet on who else was interviewed for the Owen Hart episode but I would assume that Bret was likely approached and many of Owen's friends from in and around the wrestling business were likely interviewed.

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The next season of "Dark Side of the Ring" will consist of 10 episodes including episodes on the Mass Transit incident in ECW, the murder of Dino Bravo, the Chris Benoit tragedy and Brawl For All among many other topics.