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Paige had something to say about Alexa Bliss’ promo on Raw

Alexa Bliss came out on Raw this week and cut a promo about how she deserved a special kind of respect unfortunately for her it ended with getting DDT’ed by Mickie James. But before Mickie got her revenge from TLC, Bliss mentioned how all AJ Style and Finn Balor had to do was look at each other and they got “this is awesome” chants. She obviously didn’t think that was very fair.

Bliss also said how she had the match of her career at TLC against Mickie James and she deserved respect. In fact, she tried to get the crowd to chant along with her but in the process, she insulted the Green Bay crowd in a genius way.

“You deserve it” was the chant Bliss wanted to hear but all she heard instead was heat from the crowd. Well, it was better than hearing them chant “biscuit butt” back at her.

WWE’s Anti-Diva Paige has been out of action for quite a while dealing with an injured neck but she very well might be getting back into the fray sooner than later. She found the need to comment about Alexa Bliss during Raw and said she preferred hearing a “we want Paige” chant rather than what Bliss wanted to hear.

This is certainly an interesting little comment from Paige. But seeing how she is rumored to be coming back to SmackDown Live whenever she does come back (because Raw got Asuka) a war with Alexa Bliss might not be in the cards.

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