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Paige defends the term ‘Diva’ on Twitter

Former WWE Divas Champion and SmackDown General Manager Paige has defended the term ‘Diva’ on social media.

It all started when she saw a message posted by Maria Kanellis, who is currently serving as the manager of her husband, Mike Kanellis, on the 205 Live brand, talking about the term.

For years, WWE used this term for female talent as an alternative to what they called the men, which was Superstars. Back in 2016, WWE got rid of the term and started looking at them as equals to the men. The company got rid of the Divas Title and introduced the Women’s Titles.

Paige took to her official Twitter account to defend the term by writing the following:

“I was a diva.. something that every female fan and now wrestler strived to be growing up. The term and the past should never be erased. That’s our history and I’m proud of it.”

“I don’t understand and will never understand why the term “diva” to some people is a negative. All I wanted to be when I first started watching and being a wrestler was to become a WWE diva. Incredible athletes. They paved the way for all of us. Don’t discredit their hard work.”


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