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Paige fires back at fan who was critical of her for getting Botox

Paige took to Twitter this evening to let the negative people know that she is not going to put up with people being critical of her appearance.

Earlier this evening a fan commented on a clip (see below) that she posted of herself while promoting her Twitch stream.

A fan decided to chime in with her opinion on why Paige shouldn’t have gotten Botox and Paige responded: “Thank you for your opinion stranger. I’ll make sure to notify you before anymore changes.”

She had more to say in another tweet: “Obviously you get men judging the way you look but it’s a shocking percentage w/ how much women judge you. Like c’mon sis you cyber bully us because you wanna be able to make changes. So you hate on us because we can. Don’t pretend you wouldn’t snap up some Botox if offered”

Clearly, it’s her choice what she decides to do with her body and it’s still baffling that some fans that don’t have nice things to say can’t just keep their opinion to themselves.

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