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Paige says her neck feels great, ready to step into a WWE ring



Paige seems to be feeling great these days and if she gets her way, we could perhaps see her back in the ring one day.

Today she sent out the following tweet: "Recycled pic. But.. Spent the last 2 years of my in ring career with this neck brace. 6 screws and 2 fusions later.. my neck feels wonderful. Can you let me in yet coach?"

Back in March, she said the following to Inside The Ropes on the possibility of an in-ring return: "I think it is always a possibility one day, you can never say never. It’s not going to be any time soon. That’s mostly all I can say about it, it’s really hard because I just had a neck surgery in August. My neck is just getting healthier quicker the second time around which is crazy. I feel absolutely fantastic. We’ll see where it goes."

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Paige's in-ring career ended in late December 2017 after she took a bad bump on the back of her neck during a six-woman tag team match.

There was a time when neck injuries meant the door was closed for an in-ring return but Edge proved his doubters wrong when he returned to the ring earlier this year. Daniel Bryan also returned to the ring after a history of concussion issues when doctors told him a few years ago that he would never wrestle again. Perhaps, the old "never say never" phrase will apply to Paige as well.

Here is what she tweeted in January when Edge returned at the Royal Rumble:

Here is the tweet she sent out today: