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Paige says police are involved after someone offers to sell boyfriend Ronnie Radke’s address

WWE’s Paige says she is getting law enforcement involved after someone allegedly was offering to give away the address of her boyfriend, Ronnie Radke.

Paige included a screenshot from a DM conversation and she wrote:

“You realize how disgusting this is? You literally tried to get money for our address!! You’re a terrible person. The cops are involved. A report was put in your name. Numerous people came forward about you w/ DMs. You changed your Twitter name after being called out.”

It is understandable for her to be angry about this especially since she had to deal with a stalker showing up at their address back in November.

A user under the name @ashhpotato later claimed on Twitter that she had a bad experience with Radke and was later sent a threatening DM from Paige.

@ashhpotato’s tweet included a DM that was allegedly sent by Paige. The DM says:

“Girl, none of that ever happened. You are the problem. That girl you are supporting sold our address to people. Now she’s playing victim because she got called out. We have lawyers and cops involved and they’re setting up a case against her. The more she does the more it helps our case. She will not be getting away with doing something so disgusting and illegal. She put our safety at risk.

As for you.. that never happened girl and you know it. Don’t lie about his father and don’t lie about him. He’s a good person. You reading bs on the internet and believing it makes you the problem. This is the kinda thing that gets people like you trouble. I’ll give you a chance to take a down, if not this will be going to the lawyers too. People like you need to be stopped. Posting stuff for attention and likes. It’s a shame.”

It’s not clear what the Radke incident is in reference to but Radke has been involved in several incidents over the years.

Radke spent two and a half years in prison after a 2006 altercation that led to the death of 18-year-old Michael Cook. Authorities said Radke did not fire the gun but he was indicted on battery charges and sentenced to five years probation after missing an appointment with his parole officer.

In 2012, Radke was accused of stalking then-girlfriend Sally Watts. He was charged with a misdemeanor count of corporal injury and misdemeanor false imprisonment. In 2014, Radke pleaded guilty nolo contendere to disturbance of the peace.

In 2012, Radke was charged with simple assault and aggravated assault because of an incident where he allegedly three microphone stands into the audience during a performance. A 16-year-old girl was injured and taken to the hospital and a 24-year-old-man was treated at the scene.

In 2015, he was accused of sexually assaulting 25-year-old Kacee Boswell. It was later determined that there was not enough evidence to prove that Radke and his entourage sexually assaulted Boswell. An eyewitness said that she exited Radke’s vehicle while visibly intoxicated. Radke later sued his accuser for defamation.


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