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Paige sends out cryptic message that has fans speculating



Paige took to Twitter to send out an interesting yet cryptic message regarding the month of January.

Since most of her followers on social media are wrestling fans, many thought this was about the possibility of her returning to in-ring action or a Royal Rumble appearance since the event historically takes place in January. Of course, this could be about anything. Either way, she got fans speculating what is happening in January.

The former WWE Divas Champion made headlines last month during a live stream on Twitch when she noted that she is working hard to make a comeback to wrestling and thinks it would be a big deal although she wouldn’t reveal if or when it would happen in advance to keep it a surprise.

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It should be noted that Paige previously stated on Twitch that her WWE contract is up in June of 2022 and she doesn’t know if they want to offer her a new contract.

Thus, unless there is something in that contract she didn’t know about before such as an out clause, then January wouldn’t be when she is a free agent. Paige had to retire from wrestling due to her having spinal stenosis.