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Paige shoots on Seth Rollins and "that burn it down thing that they make you say"

Paige Seth Rollins

It looks like WWE Backstage on FS1 has very little to no input from WWE and quite frankly, it makes for a better show.

A special episode of Backstage aired immediately after Friday Night SmackDown on FS1 and there was an interesting segment where Paige expressed her thoughts on Seth Rollins' catchphrase.

"Can I just say something though? Sorry, Seth once again," Paige said. "That burn it down thing that they make you say, it's like trying to make fetch happen. It's not gonna happen for me and I get really annoyed every time I hear it."

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Rollins has been taking heat from fans who don't want to cheer him because he (in their eyes) does not come across as cool and feels forced on them. Paige's comments on WWE Backstage will not help Rollins' cause.

You can listen to Paige's comments about Rollins in the clip below:

The official "premiere" episode of WWE Backstage airs on Tuesday, November 5th at 11 pm easter on FS1.