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Paige talks about gender imbalance in WWE, Divas not being given a chance to wrestle

I recently spoke with Paige on The Turnbuckle Weekly with Chuck Carroll. 

You can listen to the interview on the new Play.It podcast network or on CBS Radio and TV websites around the country.  Here is a link:

She and I talked about the recent #GiveDivasAChance movement.

“If we get given the time (on the main roster)… a lot of us could be better than the guys, I feel like, if we get given the time,” she said. “The guys get all the time to showcase what they can do. So, of course people say ‘the guys are better than the girls.’ We do a couple minutes and that’s it.  We don’t really get to showcase what we do…

“In NXT you do.  I feel like a lot of people tune into NXT just to watch the women because they literally kick ass.  They have all this time and they’re just incredible.”

I asked her why she thought there was a gender imbalance of time on the main rosters and she said she didn’t really know.

She also mentioned that she’s been in touch with AJ Lee who has been absent from TV since mid-December.

“She’s great,” Paige told me. “You know, some people just need a break to rest up. It happens to all of us. You get tired or rundown or you just need your body to rest up. “

Paige also told me that the fourth season of Total Divas is starting this week and is believed to run through SummerSlam.

When we talked she wasn’t 100 percent certain about the cast, but confirmed she would be back along with the Bella Twins and Nattie.

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