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Paige-WWE suspension update



Paige's 60-day suspension from WWE expires this week. Don't expect her back in action anytime soon though because she is still recovering from neck surgery and, if she does wrestle again for WWE, then it won't be for another few months. If she's healed up enough to go on the road then the company could use her for meet and greets and media appearances to promote Total Divas.

Paige and boyfriend Alberto Del Rio will be featured on Wednesday's episode of Total Divas and they are teasing that they will cover some of her personal issues. At one point in the teaser clip, Renee Young tells Paige that friends are worried about her.

If you want to see the clip of Del Rio and Paige from Total Divas then click here to watch it. Obviously, the stuff with Del Rio was filmed before he left the company.

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