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Paige’s family continues to speak out against WWE (updated)

Paige’s brothers have commented on her sister’s suspension from WWE. In a recent Facebook post Roy Bevis wrote, “Cause she took pain killers what aren’t on the well being policy, her necked fooked at 24 be nice if they worried about her more, feel free to share.”

Her brother Zak Bevis gave more details on her situation and noted that her upcoming surgery could potentially finish her wrestling career. He wrote, “OK let’s make this public shall we…. My sister is waiting for a major Surgery on her neck which potentially could finish her wrestling career. She has gone private and went to a different Dr, who is amazing I’ll add. He gave her PRESCRIPTION pain killers to ease the pain that she’s in 24/7 and I have witnessed. They’ve not excepted this and this leads to yet another suspension. Absolute bullshit.”

Boyfriend Alberto Del Rio (Now known as Alberto El Presidente), who was granted his release following a 30-day suspension, believes that WWE has treated Paige unfairly. He told ESPN, “It’s just like she said in her statement this afternoon. It’s just the same s—, different day my friend.” He was asked about the rumors that WWE was trying to break them up. He said, “If someone is not comfortable or happy about it, we just don’t care. We are going to continue our life. Our families are happy and we’re happy. That’s all that matters.”

WWE’s policy is to not comment on what their performers fail for. She will be suspended until 12/9 and until that time she will not be paid by WWE. For those of you that have asked about Paige hoping to fail a third test so she can get fired on purpose, I guess that is possible but it would be smarter for Paige to get the surgery done and collect a paycheck from WWE while she recovers. If she were to fail another test and her recovery time takes a year (for example) then she would be sitting at home without a paycheck. I don’t believe that Paige is looking to get fired on purpose. WWE’s policy is that wrestlers must go through WWE-approved doctors to get their prescriptions. The reason for this is because, in the past, wrestlers would be able to go doctor shopping and oftentimes they would abuse their medication. I’m not saying that this is what happened with Paige but that is why WWE frowns on wrestlers getting prescriptions from outside doctors.

With that said, I can’t image that WWE is happy with the comments from Paige and her family. On Monday, Paige wrote, “Same shit different day. Kids..Please don’t get prescriptions or doctors notes. Not acceptable. Rules apply depending on your status.”

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