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Paige’s future with WWE is not looking good

On this morning’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the situation with Paige and the report from last week about Paige allegedly being threatened by WWE’s Mark Carano to break off her relationship with Alberto Del Rio or risk being fired.

I noted last week that the story from MSL on his podcast was likely something that was not made up out of thin air and the crew at MLW Radio are friendly with Alberto Del Rio. It doesn’t make the Mark Carrano story true or untrue and it may just be Paige’s side of the story. There’s no way to know if Carrano hinted something to Paige or if he outright said that she would be fired if she didn’t break up with Del Rio but it’s very unusual for the company to step in on someone’s relationship considering that there have been dozens (maybe hundreds) of wrestlers relationships in the past. If Carrano really said something to her directly then that could be a legal issue for WWE.

Meltzer noted that things are looking really negative right now about Paige returning after her suspension and the fact that the story is out probably means that she is done with the company. Paige and WWE would have to work out terms of her release.

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