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Paola Mayfield says she is not under contract with the NWA, would love to work for AEW, WWE, Impact, other promotions

Daniel Forero (Forero Photography)

Daniel Forero (Forero Photography)

In an exclusive interview, Paola Mayfield spoke with Samira K. on working in the NWA, wanting to wrestle Eva Marie and Becky Lynch, her friendship with Mickie James and more. She also revealed that she is not under contract and she's open to working with other promotions.

Scroll down for the entire interview. Here are some transcribed highlights:

Paola on she felt about NWA adding the special edition of Empowerrr:

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“Amazing. I’m so grateful. The best part is I’m part of it, so I’m very grateful that they invited me and I can be part of this amazing show. I’m very happy. I am not signed with them, but I will be working with them one more time. I love that they are giving me this opportunity. So, you never know, fingers crossed, and eventually I can actually get to work with them, but more permanently. I would love that.”

On possibly wrestling for other promotions:

"I would love to work with WWE as well as AEW as well as Impact. I feel like those are the amazing companies off the top of my head right now. I'm thinking why not because they have amazing talent and living that experience is something that I feel we should be able to experience and I would be very grateful if I'm part of either one of them."

Paola also talked about how she loved working and training with Jazz, why her son is not watching yet, 90-day Fiance, changing her hair color, and more.