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Parker Boudreaux has been given his new WWE name ahead of his debut on new "NXT 2.0"



WWE NXT star Parker Boudreaux will not be known as Gunnar Harland. He recently made the change on his Instagram account.

Boudreaux signed with the company earlier this year and he is one of the names that many are talking about as a future star on the main roster.

Boudreaux played for The University of Central Flordia before quitting the team to pursue professional wrestling.

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This year, WWE has compiled an impressive list of athletes signed under their developmental system. Boudreaux is joined by names like Bronson Rechsteiner the Kasper Brothers, Bobby, and Gable Steveson. Rechsteiner also received his new name this week. Click here for more on his new name and his background.

There is no word yet on when Gunnar Harland will debut on NXT but with the focus being put on featuring more younger talent, it could be very soon. WWE will debut the new "NXT 2.0" this Tuesday night.