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Part of WWE Raw script leaks revealing secrets behind B-Team BBQ segment

Monday Night Raw is a fine-tuned machine at this point and everything is carefully constructed in order to run on time and tell a certain story. The B Team BBQ this week on Raw was essentially a way for Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel to have a little fun and also set up a Tag Team Battle Royal for Raw next week. The winners of next week’s match will be the #1 contenders for the Deleter Or World’s Raw Tag Team Titles, but it took a BBQ to get there.

It looks like a page from this week’s Raw script was leaked online and judging by the information provided by this backstage note, things went pretty much according to plan.

There was one bit you can see crossed out at the bottom of the page that included a back-and-forth between Heath Slater and Rhyno as the One Man Band wanted the Manbeast to leave with everyone else but he decided to stay and keep eating. In the end, it looks like they felt like they didn’t need that little bit of dialogue to drive home the point Rhyno likes to eat.

You can check out the page from the script below and see all the little details that they included including the fact the segment was produced by Dean Malenko and Brian James aka Road Dogg.

It looks very real unlike some other scripts you see floating around out there and a very good clue is not only the formatting but also how certain areas are highlighted and production notes are also included.

The one takeaway from this is if there is something on WWE TV that you are not a fan of then you shouldn’t blame the writers. The writers are trying to write for Vince McMahon. Ultimately, the final decision on what goes on the show is up to McMahon and that has always been the case and its not likely to change anytime soon.

Here is the script, courtesy of Reddit user wickedsfinx:

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