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Paul Heyman comments on Breezango making reference to him during Fashion Files segment

If you blinked, then you missed it but that goes for just about every amazing joke made during a Fashion Files segment. Tyler Breeze and Fandango have found themselves with a considerable amount of gold on their hands when it comes to the weekly segments that grace SmackDown Live. It hasn't won them any titles yet, but sometimes comedy gold is worth its weight in championships. The Fashion Police are on the trail to track down the Uggos and they'll stop at any means necessary to find their culprit.

During Money In The Bank the priceless pair of Breeze and Dango did a Miami Vice themed version of The Fashion Files while tracking down the people responsible for trashing their office a few weeks ago. The Uggos turned out to be The Ascension this time around because, why not?

During the segment Fandango was seen using a brick as a phone, okay it was a real phone but only goes to prove how far technology has come since the days of Miami Vice. To add to the humor, the phone Dango was using had a sticker on it saying "Property of Paul E."

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Paul Heyman used to go by the name Paul E Dangerously and headed up the Dangerous Alliance in the late 80's into the early 90's which consisted of many wrestlers from multiple organizations. Some of the people Paul E represented in the AWA, WCW, and ECW included Steve Austin, Adrian Adonis, Michael PS Hayes, 911, Jimmy Snuka, Arn Anderson, and many more. One thing Paul was known for was his cell phone which was state of the art at the time.

The Dangerous Alliance was a stable led by a savvy businessman in Paul E Dangerously and you could tell because he had a cell phone and nobody had a cell phone back then unless they were important.

Well, in 2017 cell phones are practically everywhere and haven't looked like that in over two decades. But when Heyman saw the joke on his screen he proclaimed it to be hilarious and loved it. Just imagine how much more impactful Breezango could be if they had Brock Lesnar's Advocate? That might never happen but at least they were able to get on Heyman's good side with this segment.