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Paul Heyman comments on Brock Lesnar fighting Mark Hunt at UFC 200, SmackDown news



- Thursday’s episode of WWE SmackDown ranked 2nd among series & specials for the night in Nielsen's Twitter TV ratings. SmackDown had 42,000 tweets with 15,000 unique authors, which is down from last week's episode that had 63,000 tweets and 38,000 authors.

- Paul Heyman, who serves as Brock Lesnar's advocate on WWE TV, posted a preview article on Lesnar fighting Mark Hunt at UFC 200 on Yahoo Sports. Here is an excerpt from the article:

There are so many selling points to this match. Will this be the final time Brock Lesnar ever fights again? What happens if Brock goes in for the takedown (which is all but guaranteed), and Mark Hunt, “The Super Samoan” with the greatest one-punch-knockout power in UFC, tags Brock as Brock shoots in? What happens if Brock DOES get the takedown? Does Mark Hunt have a game plan to counter Brock’s destructive power on the ground? If this is, indeed, the final time Brock Lesnar ever enters the Octagon, will the crowd salute the number one box office attraction in UFC history, or will they bid good riddance to the “Beast” they never truly understood?

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Just so you understand the relationship I have with Brock Lesnar, these are all questions I usually propose to him as we plot and plan and conspire our way through this historic streak-beating WWE run. But not for this event. I have not mentioned any of these scenarios to Brock. Bluntly, he’s un-interested. He has one thing on his mind. And while you may be thinking “of course he does, he’s obsessively thinking about the fight,” that would actually be a mis-categorization of his mind set.

Brock Lesnar is enjoying himself. He’s been a competitor since he was 5 years old, and he has nothing but fond memories about his amateur career as an athlete. His professional career? Well that’s another story. Skyrocketing to global glory by knocking out the legendary Randy Couture, Brock was on top of the world until diverticulitis taught him a life-affirming lesson in humility.

You can read the entire article here.