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Paul Heyman comments on whether CM Punk is interested in return to wrestling

As we get closer to UFC 225 in Chicago, you can expect the CM Punk-WWE rumors to heat up again. There are fans out there that would love to see Punk return to WWE but there is nothing indicating that Punk is even considering such a move.

It’s been 4 years since Punk left WWE and he seems happy with his life. Perhaps, time will heal wounds. After all, a precedent was set when WWE welcomed back names like The Ultimate Warrior, Goldberg and Jeff Jarrett.

The New York Post interviewed one of Punk’s best friends, Paul Heyman, and asked him if there’s any chance that we’ll see Punk back in wrestling. Would he entertain an offer from New Japan Pro Wrestling or Ring Of Honor?

Here is what Heyman said:

“I don’t think CM Punk cares one way or another what’s going on in the world of sports entertainment. He is someone that has achieved his goals by dedicating every aspect of his life to pursuing his passions. His passions right now are quite obviously in mixed martial arts and I don’t think he has a contingency plan in case of failure. I don’t think failure is an option for Phil Brooks. I think he is intent on making a go of it in the mixed martial arts world and if it doesn’t work out for him in UFC, I’m sure he would be looking a Bellator before he would be looking at a return to the wrestling ring.”

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