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Paul Heyman hints at troubled relationship with Roman Reigns during WWE Talking Smack segment with Kevin Owens

If you missed it, you should check out the Talking Smack episode that was posted today on the WWE Network. Specifically, everyone should see the interaction between Paul Heyman and Kevin Owens.

Heyman started out by saying that he has respect for Owens and he understands how dangerous Owens is because he’s better than some people think. Heyman also said that he was a fan of Owens even when people would knock him behind the scenes.

Heyman acknowledged Owens as the number 1 contender and said that Owens is at a crossroads and he is on the cusp of being a full-time main event guy but in order to get to that level, he would need to go through Roman Reigns.

Owens responded, “I know you only really work for one person and it’s not Roman Reigns, it’s you.” He also said that he would be the guy to take the Universal Championship from Reigns.

Before Owens walked off, Heyman had something else to say to Owens as he shook his hand: “I’m shaking your hand so I don’t get smacked. I have to carry that message. Please understand, it’s not just business. I have to do it on a personal level as well.”

Heyman seemed to get emotional as Owens walked off the set. Kayla Braxton then asked Heyman if some of the things that were said were approved by Reigns.

What Heyman said at the end is interesting and falls in line with what was reported by Dave Meltzer in September.

The story between Heyman and Reigns is that WWE wants fans to know that there is no friendship between them and Reigns is in complete control of the business side of things. Basically, the story being told is that Heyman was done in wrestling since Brock Lesnar is gone and Heyman had nothing left so it was Reigns who made the call to bring Heyman back and Heyman is indebted to Reigns for saving his career.

Although the match has not been officially announced, it looks like TLC will be headlined by Reigns defending the Universal Championship against Owens. Click here for news on plans for the Royal Rumble.

Click on the clips below to watch the Heyman-Owens segment from Talking Smack:

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