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Paul Heyman on MJF: "I'm sure at some point in this life we're going to bump into each other."

WWE/All Elite Wrestling

WWE/All Elite Wrestling

Paul Heyman was on the "MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani," this week to talk about opposing Lesnar, MJF's upcoming free agency, and his thoughts on Cody Rhodes leaving AEW.

Heyman was asked what it’s like to be on the opposite side of the ring from Brock Lesnar:

"It's the same as it is being in his corner. It's nothing but money," Heyman said. "It's a cash cow working with or against Brock Lesnar, especially when you're tied at the hip to the single biggest attraction in the entire industry, the undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns."

"It's a blast. Why wouldn't it be a blast? I'm still talking about Brock Lesnar, just from the opposite side of the spectrum."

Heyman on MJF talking about becoming an upcoming free agent:

"For what he obviously views his trajectory to be and for what he obviously views his future to be, it's not bad business at all. Pretty smart, I might even say.”

If Heyman would be interested in working with MJF:

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"Right now, he's in a very enviable spot," Heyman shared.

"He's in an upstart promotion that has tremendous financing and excellent distribution. Let's see what the future holds for him. I'm sure at some point in this life we're going to bump into each other."

Heyman on if he was surprised Cody left AEW:

"He's one of the founders of the company. A lot of it is his concept. A lot of the initial phase was on him," Paul started with.

"Cody always had a vision to fill the boots of his father, not just in the ring, but behind the scenes. The fact that he didn't have the level of participation in decision making that he initially probably thought, and this is speculation on my end, I never heard this from Cody, but just seeing the manner in which the creative end of that company grew, it doesn't surprise me that at some point he was going to say, 'Not what I originally envisioned, and I want to see what life is like elsewhere.'"

"So when a founder of a company whose initial vision it was, or part of it was, leaves, that's always surprising. Knowing what I know, and that's admittedly very little of the circumstances, I'm not so surprised."

You can view the entirety of Ariel Helwani's interview with Paul Heyman below.

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