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Paul Heyman: TNA was 70, 80, close to 90 million dollars in debt years ago

Paul Heyman has a fascinating interview up on part 2 of his interview on the Steve Austin Podcast. Heyman goes into great detail on the end of ECW, the money owed to him by InDemand that would kept the company going, why ECW didn’t end up on Turner broadcasting or Fox, and much more. He also talks about his marketing agency and the Heyman Hustle website. He also talks about transitioning from ECW to his commentating role in WWE. Paul reveals that he never intended to be an on camera talent but Vince made the call to use him when WWE had the falling out with Jerry “The King” Lawler. Paul revealed that he survived the 90s on the lawsuit money from WCW (he never took a check from ECW) and he ended up filing for bankruptcy in 2001. He also revealed that ECW was in debt by 7 million when the company folded but that’s peanuts compared to what TNA would spend in a month. When he had talks with the company he had heard that they were $70,000,000-$90,000,000 in debt. You can listen to the interview below…I HIGHLY SUGGEST that you listen to this one.

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