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Paul Heyman: "We never mentioned Dwayne Johnson's name. The Rock mentioned Roman Reigns' name"



ESPN's Ariel Helwani had the opportunity to get a rare interview this week for his podcast and YouTube channel.

Helwani noted that Reigns' storyline involves family and he wondered if this was all leading up to a match with The Rock. Heyman said, "Oh I am sure Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson sure hopes so. Let's examine this from a realistic point of view. Roman Reigns never mentioned Dwayne Johnson's name. Paul Heyman never mentioned Dwayne Johnson's name. So, you can't categorize this as the biggest star on Fox Network, let alone the biggest star on SmackDown, let alone the biggest star in WWE looking to call out a bigger star. We never mentioned Dwayne Johnson's name. The Rock mentioned Roman Reigns' name. The Rock called out Roman Reigns. The Rock is positioning himself to get the celebrity rub off of Roman Reigns. You know what? God bless The Rock for doing it, he's always thinking box office. But he's not the only huge box office attraction beeping in front of Vince McMahon's door saying 'I want to work with Roman Reigns.' Every huge box office attraction from celebrities to sports celebrities to Mixed Martial Artists [he coughed while saying Daniel Cormier's name] to sports entertainers to legends from sports entertainment are all banging down Vince McMahon's door saying please put me in the main event of WrestleMania with Roman Reigns. He is the single hottest box office attraction in WWE, he is the biggest star on Fox and he is only scratching the surface on how far he can go in this new presentation."

Helwani then asked some true or false questions.
Brock Lesnar is under contract to WWE: Heyman says False.
Brock Lesnar is currently a free agent: True
Brock Lesnar will fight again for the UFC: I don't know - "Brock Lesnar does whatever Brock Lesnar wants to do"

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Heyman said he doesn't think Brock will fight again because there's not enough money on the table and he scratched the itch after his fight with Mark Hunt and there are other challenges out there for Brock. Heyman said that things could always change tomorrow but he doesn't think Brock is looking to fight right now in the current MMA landscape.

Heyman cited confidentiality on why he won't say if Lesnar has talked with other promotions. In regards to wrestling again, Heyman thinks it's up to whether there's a worthy challenge. He said Lesnar enjoys fatherhood and it's not something he discusses much in public. He said Lesnar is happy being a farmer but if something comes up that intrigues him and if the money is right then he can see Lesnar returning to the wrestling ring.

There's a lot more covered in the interview including Daniel Cormier, Heyman's exit from WWE creative and more.

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