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Paul Heyman’s departure could derail plans to push a WWE Raw star

This Monday night we may start to get some answers on Shayna Baszler on whether or not she will be pushed higher up the card.

Dave Meltzer previously reported that Shayna Baszler was originally supposed to win the Royal Rumble but Vince McMahon nixed those plans about a week or so before the show.

Baszler was also supposed to win the Women’s Money In The Bank match and those plans were also scrapped with the feeling being that McMahon did not see her as a top star. Baszler was said to be a Paul Heyman project and now with Heyman not handling the creative end of things, there are questions on what will happen with her on Raw.

On Saturday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer discussed Baszler’s disappearance from WWE TV in recent weeks.

“As far as her not being around there’s kinda no reason for her to be around because the program was Asuka and Nia Jax. The next program is going to be Charlotte Flair. At some point, Shayna was going to be back in that mix, but it wasn’t going to be right now.”

Meltzer added, “Her not being on TV may just be — keep her off TV so somebody doesn’t try to beat her when they don’t need to beat her if you know what I mean, because we still want to do something with her down the line.”

However, Meltzer also discussed the push that she was supposed to get a few months ago and then noted that Baszler is not someone who would have been pushed a few years ago because McMahon typically goes for a certain look. Meltzer said, “You know 10 years ago Shayna Baszler would have zero chance to be in NXT let alone the main roster — that’s the reality. It’s not anything against her, but it’s against what 10 years ago the standards for wrestling was.”

Now with Bruce Prichard in charge of Raw, Baszler may not get the same opportunities that Heyman wanted to give her. Heyman’s plan was to push her as a monster heel, similar to how Brock Lesnar is pushed.

Again, some of these questions could be answered as soon as this Monday. Raw was taped last week so the bigger changes may not come until the next couple of weeks. Click here for more backstage news on Paul Heyman’s exit from WWE.

h/t to Ringside News for the quote.

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