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Peacock documentary on Teddy Hart will dig deep into his past

Teddy Hart

Dave Meltzer noted in the recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Peacock is working on a documentary about Teddy Hart.

This is not a WWE production and Dave Meltzer added that WWE is aware that the documentary is being made and they kind of warned people against participating. There was one person who did it anyway even after being warned by two companies, including WWE, that the documentary would be negative.

According to those who were interviewed, Peacock is digging deep into Hart's past and there were a lot of questions about his bad ex-relationships. The plan is for it to be released in December.

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There's a lot to talk about in regards to Teddy Hart's life. Many years ago he was seen as an up and coming star and he had opportunities to become a big name on a national level but his personal issues derailed his career opportunities with major companies.

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