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People in WWE NXT are reportedly saying it's not fun to work there anymore



During today's Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez talked about Beth Pheonix's departure from WWE NXT commentary. Phoenix is still with WWE and there's talk of her tagging with her husband in the storyline with The Miz and Maryse but it looks like Phoenix's full-time days in WWE are over.

Alvarez noted on WOL that the option is there for Phoenix to be part of the feud on the main roster while continuing her full-time commentary duties on NXT but that is not what is going to happen and she is done completely with the NXT brand.

Alvarez said, "It’s not like she couldn’t do the main roster feud with Miz & Maryse and also do NXT commentary. She has just decided she is done with NXT. Whatever that means, she says it’s due to family, but this also, again might not be the last person. Because no matter what you guys think about me or anyone else saying that it sucks — it does. There are people there who have told me that it’s just not fun anymore."

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It's no secret that morale in the company has taken a dive this year with a record number of talent and staff being let go due to what the company says are budget-related reasons.

WWE brought in a new crop of young talent to replace the experienced workers and the idea is to attract younger viewers with the younger faces and the new look of the show but ratings have declined since the reboot show in September and the show doesn't resemble the NXT that had fans buzzing just a couple of years ago.

To WWE's credit, they sent out a survey a few days ago to find out what fans are liking and disliking about the current NXT so perhaps, we'll see some changes that can eventually bring in more fans and improve the backstage atmosphere.

Thanks to Ringside News for the quotes.