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People in WWE reportedly in denial about AEW ticket sales, some believe Tony Khan is buying tickets

WrestlingNewsCo composite/WWE/AEW

WrestlingNewsCo composite/WWE/AEW

The final count for tickets distributed for last night's WWE Monday Night Raw at UBS Arena in Long Island, NY is 5,887 tickets, according to WrestleTix. WrestleTix also posted photos showing sections with empty seats.

That number for Raw is acceptable for some of the smaller markets but not for the New York City area because it's considered WWE's home city and the strongest market for tickets sales. The number for last night would have been lower if they had not advertised Edge's return and Roman Reigns for the dark match.

WrestleTix is reporting that the latest count for tickets distributed for next week's AEW Dynamite at the same arena is at 8,658 tickets.

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Apparently, some people in WWE are in denial about AEW's strong ticket sales and some in the company believe that Tony Khan must be buying tickets to shows to inflate the numbers.

Bryan Alvarez stated the following on the Wrestling Observer board today: "You will be surely stunned to learn that there are a few people in WWE who believe Tony must be buying up tickets for the AEW show."

As seen with the show Arthur Ashe Stadium, AEW did not have any issues selling 20,000+ tickets in the New York market and AEW ticket sales have been solid in most of the major markets.