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People in WWE said to be shell shocked over today’s firings

As previously noted, several office staff were let go today in the WWE Network, production, and digital side of things.

The reason for the firings today is that WWE wants to merge divisions together because of the feeling was that there were too many redundancies across departments.

For example, instead of having two graphics departments, the decision was made to merge both of them so that there would be one graphics department to create material for both the TV production and digital side of things.

Also, management realized during the pandemic that they can get things done with less staff on board and that played a factor in the decision to let go of people today. Kevin Dunn is expected to be announced as the person who will oversee the merged divisions today.

PWI reported that there were a lot of shell shocked employees today at WWE Headquarters among the people who were let go and the people who remain with the company.

Former WWE backstage interviewer Cathy Kelley has a lot of friends who work/worked on the digital side of things and she tweeted the following:

“my brain can’t comprehend and my heart is fucking breaking for all my friends. along with being great humans, everyone behind the scenes at wwe digital worked their asses off to build a huge money making brand and don’t get near the credit they deserve”

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